How We Do It

A Seasoned Team of Multi-skilled Technicians

Etech’s approach to system design and retrofit is reflected in the skills and tenure of the technical team.

Each technician has knowledge and skills across a multitude of systems. (Lighting, HVAC, Controls, Detectors, Security, etc.) This enables them to quickly assess a situation, collaborate to a solution, and execute efficiently and effectively.

Most team members have been with Etech for over a decade.

Our technicians’ solutions reduce maintenance costs, streamline asset uptime, most importantly allowing you to focus on creating positive experiences for your customers.

Energy Conservation

Systems integration sits at the core of our business. Etech weaves technologies together to create a streamlined, cohesive whole with optimal energy efficiency.

Specializing in installation, lighting, controls, programming and servicing.

Preventative and Reactive Facilities Services

Etech understands that lost time translates into lost dollars. When a client calls with a systems problem, Etech is often the “first responder” to arrive on site and begin assessment and troubleshooting. They remain on site until all systems are guaranteed to be running efficiently.

Etech is always helping their customers to look ahead, and constantly assessing technology systems new and old to ensure reliability and top performance.

Preventative and reactive services for lighting, electrical maintenance and repair.

Etech manages a multitude of various systems. CCTV, data, fire alarm, and energy management systems are all a part of Etech’s expertise.

Optimal Communication – Streamlining Operations

Streamlined communication is the root to successful projects. Etech utilizes cloud-based communication technology to coordinate services and keep customers apprised of progress. Information can be directed to customer’s portals in real time. Service Fusion performance reports monitor and track on-time arrival, first-time fix and vital service benchmarks, ensuring costs are managed throughout all stages. This ensures the job is done right the first time!

Superior problem resolution and project leadership

At some point, most projects hit obstacles that can slow or stop progress. The Etech Project Managers provide leadership that overcomes problems through ingenuity and diligence, ensuring each project moves forward ontime and on budget. Etech’s rallying cry is MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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